Partner with Rare Candy!

Rare Candy offers 10% affiliate commission on sales you drive on our website.
Email to get set up with your personal affiliate code and receive up to $50 in free product to welcome you to the program 🙂 Read for more details on how it works.

How it works

  • 1. You apply to the program by emailing and sharing your social handles.
  • 2. We provide you with a unique promo code that gives your audience an exclusive offer. Right now, we’re offering new customers 10% off their first purchase (up to $20 off total). You can market that promo code to your audience however you like - no content or platform requirements.
  • 3. For every customer who applies the promo code, you’ll receive 5% of the total customer’s order in commission, paid out monthly. Currently, our offer is to new customers only; they tend to order around $115 of product on their first order (though there’s a big range), so you can expect around $6 of commission per order.

Partner perks

  • 💰To get you started, we’ll send you a promo code that gives you $50 free on Rare Candy, so that you can try buying from us and feel genuine about the content you end up posting about us
  • 🎁Once you drive your first 5 redemptions of the promo code, we’ll ship you a gift worth between $100 and $200 and continue to do that on a regular basis. No obligations to post, as this is really a token of our appreciation, but of course, we’d love you to!
  • 📣Every week, we’ll send you a newsletter letting you know what drops, new arrivals, or events we have going on that you can market and earn commission on. We’ll also try to include assets you can use - let us know if you have any specific requests.
  • 🍭You'll also have first access to buy scarce Candy if you ask us for it :)

Important note

At the moment, this payout is only valid for customers who haven’t bought on Rare Candy before. In the future, we’ll be expanding the program to all customers, but starting here first.

More on Rare Candy’s Mission & Values

Rare Candy wants to be the best local game store in the world, in an app.

We are…

  • 100% authentic we only work with cards, sellers, and content creators that meet the highest bar for trust and professionalism.
  • Community first we’re in this for the good of the community and for the long-haul. As card nerds and collectors ourselves, our goal is to help the hobby grow long into the future.
  • InclusiveAs long as you share a passion for cards and treat other members of our community with respect, Rare Candy welcomes you.